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Preview: 12:00 PM
Auction: 3:00 PM

Auction begins outside @ 3pm and we work our way through the rows of goodies until we end up inside at approximately 6pm.


1989 Ford F350
VIN: 2FTJW35M1KCA83580
46,621 Mi.
w/ Gooseneck Trailer

1975 - 18' Model TF1800
Sabre Marine Inc

Quick List of Items Already in the Hall for Thursday's Auction:

Golf Clubs
Train Set
Stock Pots
Crab Trap
Hanging Kitchen Table Lamp
Fishing Poles
Book Shelves
Mattress Sets
Couches & Love Seats
RCA Video Disks
Costume Jewelry
Curtain Panels
Wall Clocks
A Truck Full of Tools, being unpacked
RC Cars
... So much furniture coming in!!!

Pics added Monday and Tuesday...Check for more info by Tuesday evening, the week of the auction. This auction is chock full of everything from tools to household, decorative to collectibles, and even a car or riding lawn mower here and there. We empty out and pickup the estates from 10+ houses a month. This along with our regular consignors and new consignors that bring in fresh items every week make for 5+ hours of a GREAT TIME...Rain or Shine!

Preview: 9:00 AM
Auction: 11:00 AM

OK  So there is no other way to do this.  SO MANY DOLLS…. SO LITTLE TIME… and well space plays a HUGE part in this situations.  This sale will be an ADVENTURE.. The storage unit is filled, the trailer is filled and we have more to pull out.  Primarily, it is the estate with over 500+ dolls – the house was built to showcase them.  200 Prepackaged boxes of everything dolls, from antique to current.  Beautiful HSN, Many Barbie mint from designer to groups of pink, name brand and loved.  Displays and parts.  We will be finding things as we sort on Monday.  We may have a portion of the sale on line and a portion of the sale to the audience only.  I will tell you… Because of the quantity.. We will be selling in groups.  Many of the HSN and more contemporary dolls will be sold in groups.  I know from past auctions that dealers have purchased these in grouped for the clothing… have you seen some of those outfits J  I wish I had such a wardrobe. 

SO PLEASE NOTE:  That the photos that are up are the ones that were easily accessible and that there will be so many more as we begin the unpacking and sorting process.  THIS SALE WILL BE FUN

So I have climb up and over and into just to get a couple of photos for sneak peeks.  There will be Doll houses, accessories, stands, clothes, furniture, carrying cases and much more.  Some of the dolls are still in the original shipping boxes and some have been loved. Love the Marie Osmond and other mid century come play with me ones.

Bring along your children, think about the holiday shopping list, purchase piles to donate to organizations for Christmas.  But best of all bring a truck and a friend.

 As we unpack we will add photos to the site.  We have a whole trailer filled with dolls… a consigner’s whole world revolved around her collection.


Online Catalog

 First 109 Lots in Auction - More to Come!!!:

Collector Editions - Barbie Loves Elvis & Star Trek Giftset
2 Barbie Fashion Show & 3 Barbie Fairy Tale Dolls
Peppermint Princess Barbie & Evening Flame Barbie
Barbie Collector Editions - Cher, Bewitched, That Girl
Barbie Collector Editions - Birthstone December Turquoise, Birthstone Collection September Sapphire, Groovy 60's, Sophisticated Wedding 2002, Midnight Moon Princess
Barbie Collector Editions - Snow White, Beauty, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty
Barbie Sports - Swimming Champion, Yankees, Orlando Magic, WNBA
Barbie - Daphne, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy
Esmerelda, Shrek Barbie, Mickey Mouse Barbie, Special Ltd. Ed. Barbie & Friends Gift Set
Barbie Wizard of Oz - Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy, Wicked Witch of the West, Kelly Doll & Friends
Collector Editions Barbie Nursery Rhymes - Peter Rabbit, Barbie Had a Little Lamb, Little Bo Peep
Barbie Birthday Wishes - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in Set, Barbie Birthday Wishes
American Stories & Pioneer Collector Edition
9 Collector Edition Barbies From Around the World
6 Barbie Dolls of the World Collection
4 Fashion Barbies - Solo in the Spotlight, Busy Gal, Black Label, Silken Flame
5 Collector Edition Barbies From Around the World
2 Magic Moves Barbies, 2 Jewel Secrets Barbies
5 Barbie Dolls of the World
Barbie - 3 Dolls of the World & 2 Festivals of the World
5 Barbie Collectors Edition Princesses of the World
5 Native American Barbies
6 Barbie Collectors Edition Princesses
4 Barbie Collectors Editions: Swan Lake, & 3 Nutcracker Dolls
5 Great Era Barbies: Southern Belle, Elizabeth Queen, Egyptian Queen, Medieval Lady, Gibson Girl
4 Great Era Barbies: Chinese Empress, French Lady, Grecian Goddess, Victorian Lady
3 Barbie Dream Dates, Todd, & Angel Face
6 Barbies: Kissing Barbie, Western Ken, Skipper, PJ, Golden Dream, Loving You
4 Dancing Barbies: Twirling Ballerina, Ballet, Ballet Recital, Nutcracker
4 Dancing Barbies: 3 Nutcracker, Swan Lake
Barbie Classic Grace Prima Ballerina
Masquerade Balll Barbie by Bob Mackie
Fantasy Goddess of Asia Barbie
Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic Barbie
9 Birtday Surprise Barbies
2 Limited Edition Wedgwood Barbies: 25641, 50823
2 Classique Collection Barbies: Opening Night, Romantic Interlude
Reem Acra Bride Barbie
2 Classique Collection Barbies: Uptown Chic, Evening Extravaganza
The Presidential Porcelain Barbie - Crystal Rhapsody
Collectors Edition 40th Anniversary Ken & Barbie
2 Classique Collection Barbies: Midnight Gala, Benefit Ball
Queen of Hearts Barbie by Bob Mackie
Waltz Barbies: Midnight Waltz, Starlight Waltz
Platnum Barbie by Bob Mackie
Starlight Splendor Barbie by Bob Mackie
FAO Schwarz Ltd. Ed.: George Barbie, Statue of Liberty Barbie
Water Lily Barbie inspired by the Paitings of Claude Monet
2006 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie
50th Anniversary Sets: My Favorite Barbies - 1959, 1964, 1967, 1971
Goddess Barbies: Sun & Moon
2 Collector Barbies: Society Style Collection Radiant Rose, Moonlight Waltz Barbie Ballroom Beauties Collection 3rd Ed.
Barbie 50th Anniversary Generations of Dreams
Barbie Fashion Model Collection: Stolen Magic, Joyeux
Victorian Barbie w/ Cedric Bear & Gold Label Wind Rider
3 Collector Barbies: Jewel Princess, Royal Invitation, Midnight Princess
Collector Edition Hollywood Legends: 3 Marilyns & The X Files Gift Set
Prima Ballerina Barbie Porcelain Collection Lighter Than Air
Barbie Musical Ballerina Dolls: 1st in Series Swan Lake, 2nd in Series Nutcracker
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Snow Princess" #11875
Summer Splendor Barbie #15683
Spring Bouquet Barbie #12989
Autumn Glory Barbie #15204
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Moon Goddess" #14105
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Goddess of the Sun" #14056
Portrait in Taffeta Barbie #15528
In the Limelight Barbie #17031
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Fantasy Goddess Of Asia" #20648
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Fantasy Goddess Of the Americas" #25859
Bob Mackie Barbie, "Fantasy Goddess Of Africa" #22044
Madame du Barbie - Designed by Bob Mackie 17934
2 Collector Barbies: 50th Anniversary My Favorite  Barbie 1959, Limited Edition Cool Collecting Barbie
3 Bathing Suit Barbies: 50th Anniversary 1959, 35th Anniversary Barbie- Original 1959 Barbie Doll & Package, Then & Now Bathing Suit Barbie
2 Collector Edition Coca Cola Barbies: Cheerleaders 53974 & 28376
2 Collector Edition Coca Cola Barbies: Server 22831 & Patron 24637
Empress Bride Barbie
6 Holiday Barbies: 1989, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997 2000
3 Coca Cola Barbies: Summer Daydreams, Soda Fountain Sweetheart, After the Walk
Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion Barbie & Pink Barbie Doll Display
2 Collector Edition Barbies: Grand Entrance Original Design by Carer Bryant, Barbie 2002
3 Holiday Barbie Dolls: 2010, 2011, 2012
3 Holiday Barbie Dolls: 2007, 2008, 2009
3 Collector Edition Barbies: 2000, 2001, Holiday Angel Barbie
5 Holiday Barbies: 1988, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001
Winter Fantasy First in the Series 2003 Special Edition & Pink Label Ethereal Princess
Holidat Gift Barbie 20128 & Barbie as Dans Le Role De Als Empress-Kaiserin Sissy Imperatrice
2 Walt Disney Barbies: Sleeping Beauty & Wedding Cinderella
3 Wizard of Oz Dolls: Dorothy, Hollywood Legends Glinda, Barbie Collector Glinda
3 Barbie Hollywood Legends Collection: Scarlett O'Hara - 12815, 12045, 13254, 12997, and Rhett Butler 12741
4 Princess Barbies: Rose Barbie 22337, Rapunzel 53973, Princess and the Pea 28800, The Island Princess K81105
Golden Anniversary Barbie 14479
3 Special Barbies: Spiegel Shopping Chic 14009, Scorpio C3825, Spiegel Ltd. Ed. Theater Elegance 12077
3 Collector Barbies: Sterling Wishes 3347, Marilyn 53873, 1996 Happy New Year 2nd in a Ltd. Ed. 16093
6 My Fair Lady Barbies: Eliza Doolittle - 15501, 15498, 15500, 15497, 15497, Henry Higgins 15499
Society Style Collection Ltd. Ed. Barbie Emerald Enchantment 17443 & Masquerade Gala Collection Venetian Opulence 24501
4 Walt Disney Barbies: Cruella De Vil 17576, Belle 16089, Snow White 17761, Cinderella 19660
2 Barbie Pink Label 2007 - K8667
3 Collector Edition Barbies: Society Girl 56203, Exotic Beauty B0149, King Kong 56737
3 Collector Edition Barbies: Hollywood Cast Party 50825, Hoyywood Premier 26914, Between Takes 27684
3 Collector Edition Barbies: 25 Years Grease B2510, Grease C4773, Nifty 50's 27675
Barbie and Curious George 28798 & Harley Quinn Barbie H7616
Barbie Wonder Woman B5836
2 Collector Edition Barbies: Romantic Wedding 2001 - 29438, Millennium Wedding 27674
Princess and the Pauper: King Dominick 5774, Erika B5770, Princess Anneliese B5768, Swan Lake: Prince Daniel B2768, Fairy Queen B3285
4 Barbie Princes & Princesses: Rose Prince 29807, Prince Ken 20491, Sea Princess 15531, Princess Genevieve J8887
3 Barbie Magic Pegasus Dolls: Rayla the Cloud Queen G8401, Prince Aidan G8403, Barbie G8399
5 Fairy Tale Barbies: Rapunzel - B5826, 17646, 13016, 55532, Fairy Tale Prince B6384
Midge & Baby Happy Family Mom & Baby 56663
4 Collector Barbies: 2 Avon PFE Albee 17690, Barbie Style 5315, Spring Blossom Barbie 15201

Preview: 12:00 PM
Auction: 3:00 PM

Preview: 12pm
Auction begins outside @ 3pm and we work our way through the rows of goodies until we end up inside at approximately 6pm. 
If we are selling estate vehicles, we try to sell them before dark (usually around 5:30-6pm)

Pics added Monday and Tuesday...Check for more info by Tuesday evening, the week of the auction.  This auction is chock full of everything from tools to household, decorative to collectibles, and even a car or riding lawn mower here and there.  

We empty out and pickup the estates from 10+ houses a month.  This along with our regular consignors and new consignors that bring in fresh items every week make for 5+ hours of a GREAT TIME...Rain or Shine!